Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weekend update

Hello there....yes I know its been a while...and yes I know you all are checking and I have not updated anything and as my girlfriends pointed out to me over the weekend...I need to update!

Over the weekend, I got to go out with the girls and hang with Sica who I don't get to see much because she lives in New Mexico. But I always love it when we can all get together because it feels like it's only been a few weeks past when we graduated high school. I love that I can still catch up and chit chat with the girls and everyone has grown up but everyone is the same. There is a reason why we were friends then and now :) Love you girls~~~Edgar took the kids to LA while I was hanging with the girls.

On Sunday we woke up and headed to Del Mar. My sister in law, nephew and Godson met up with us at the house and a-way we went. We arrived to the villa on the beach which they get to enjoy every day for 6 weeks but we stayed for a few days of R & R...and boy was it. It was SO much FUn. We celebrated my nephews 16th birthday and swam and dug for sand crabs. It was BEAUTIFUL in Del Mar~ Thanks in laws for invitin'